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Wind energy

Wind energy

The wind energy appears like a clean energy with a promising future, mainly because its consumption increase every year and studies show that it will remain increasing in the coming years.

Fortis Group has proven experience in every phase of wind power projects, from its developing and construction to its management, and even manufacturing the wind turbines in our factories in Spain.

In addition to regular wind turbines, with horizontal turbine and propellers, in Fortis Group we develop Savonius type wind turbines, with vertical axis and without propellers. The main advantages of this type of wind turbine are that they do not need a tower (so the installation and maintenance is easier and more economic) and that they do not need any orientation mechanism to be oriented in relation with the wind. Our wind turbines manufacturing goes from small ones, of 5.000 kilowatt, to wind turbines of 10 megawatts.